All our Tomahawks are made of 6150 spring steel. Oil hardened  and tempered to a  rock-well of 57 making them  a very durable hawk that holds an excellent edge. Heads are made from our own designs and patents Polaris Trading Co. and all are finished with gun barrel bluing. Our handles are flame grained, fancy keel-type and buffed to prevent slivers and blisters. ( Occasionally our handles will become loose from the heads, due to natural shrinkage of the wood. This is NOT a defect or reject. This can happen based on where you live, i.e. Arizona being less humid than Missouri, etc. The seasons also can affect them, being looser in the winter versus summer. We drive over 3 hours to hand pick our hickory wood to ensure the wood is well-seasoned.  ) Options, Rawhide rap: We rawhide rap the head to the handle. Wraprist thong: Made of military 550 cord for a thicker handle and better grip. Military option: Includes both our rawhide rap and wraprist thong. 
~All hawk blades come with a 25 year Warranty~
Winner of the hawk throwing competition at Riverton four 
years in a row, the COMPETITION HAWK is a precision target hawk 
with edge geometry designed to increase the chance of a "stick" by about 40  percent and 
consummate balance. Now the 
2003 Third Generation edge 
profile closer to the Warhawk 
with stronger edge tips. 
Three edged military hawk provides maximum cutting,damage and penetration capability, cutting its way into and out of whatever you can put it into or through! The Warbeast is my personal favorite hawk finding itself in each of my trucks, go bag, and room. One of my favorite uses is for butchering Hogs,Deer, Elk, Etc... I can do a full bone out in half the time it used to take! The three cutting edges are incredible when it comes to cutting through any part of the animal! When using a traditional hawk the first hit sinks in then gets stuck on the tendons, hide, or meat, not with The Warbeast! It smoothly cuts its way right back out! It Weighs in at 26oz with a 4'' cutting edge 1.75'' cutting edge on the top and bottom, made out of 6150 High carbon steel, with a 25 Year Warranty on the blade! I harden the cutting edge as well as the hammer poll to prevent damage regardless the abuse you put it through! Im Proud to offer and make these for our military brothers and sisters out there! I offer a 10% discount for all serving in the miltary!
$250(Military Option Included)
The WOODSMAN is an ultra-light heavy-duty belt or pack axe designed for the folks who have to "make miles" the hard way. Trappers and packers love it! 
The LONGHUNTER is our medium-weight hammer-polled hawk, about midway between the Woodsman and the big Voyageur in size and weight. It is still light enough to pack on the belt, but has enough weight for hard hitting chores. 
The VOYAGER is a heavy Hudson Bay canoe axe, precision made from modern steel to serve even better than its ancestors did in the 1700's. A bit too heavy to pack on the belt, this one is best used in camp for the serious cordwood. 
The tomahawk has long been acknowledged as the finest close-quarter-battle weapon ever made. Designed after about 2 years of chats with folks who live and work in "hostile environments" the WARHAWK is the ultimate evolution of the battle hawk, and is razor-sharp everywhere. And it still splits kindling or an elk pelvis. 
550 Cord Wrap-Handle Grip  $25

When we have time, we can do some fancy stuff on custom order. Delivery times can be pretty long for these special items, however.
Each Hawk is unique in it's own way, handle colors may vary, rawhide wrap design may be patterned differently, etc.
Devin Price-2 Hawks
1855 Gentry Rd.
Seymour, MO 65746
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