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May 11th 2006-
To all of our customers, past, present and future, I would like to introduce you to the person who bought the late Bob "Two Hawks" Thalmann's business. 

His name is Devin Price, he is an apprentice and will be making the hawks and knives the way "Two Hawks" did - from scratch.  He has all of Bob's materials and patterns.  Devin has been doing this for some time, starting much the same way my dad did in the family garage.  His first goal is to the customers on the waiting list.

We feel very comfortable and honored that we found someone that can carry on this art as well as making a business for himself. 
I'm sure he will add more to his business in time.  We want to thank everyone for your patience with us in selling the business, but finding someone was not easy.  Devin will do a great job and I wish that my dad could have met him, I'm sure he would have approved. Devin will have the waiting list as well as all inquiries made.  He will contact you or you can contact him. 

Devin Price-2 Hawks
1855 Gentry Rd.
Seymour, MO 65746

We would like to thank everyone again for your patience and your business.

The Thalmanns
From Devin Price-Two Hawks-May 11th 2006
I've been involved in Knife and Tomahawk production and forging for a few years and have admired the styles and quality of Bob-Two hawks work at Polaris Industries. When I heard of Bob's illness and subsequent passing away I thought his styles and reputation would be a good fit with what I'd been doing. After discusssions with Bob's wife, she agreed that it would be a good fit with my business and Bob's reputation for quality would be upheld.

In just a short time we have the shop and forges integrated with my business and are again producing quality hawks and knives in the style of the Original "Two Hawks"-Bob Thalman.

At a recent Rendevouz event my Hawks were met with great enthusiasm and orders are rolling in, I am proud to be able to offer the highest quality knives, hawks and service and look forward to making a hawk for you soon. Check this website often for additions to the product line and for shows I'll be attending.
Devin Price-Two Hawks
Maker of the finest precision working tomahawks in the world, Two Hawks (the late Robert Thalmann) lived and worked less than a mile upstream of an 1846 American Fur Company trading post on the upper Missouri River. These tomahawks are precision machined and ground, and honed on leather to a razor edge, in the cutler's shop behind his 1884 home in Fort Benton, Montana.

This settlement, based on the original fur trading post, is the oldest city in the state and is known as "The Birthplace of Montana." The post is now being completely rebuilt, and will soon rival Fort Union as an example of a working trading post of the 1800's. Fort Benton (about 40 miles north of Great Falls on US Highway 87) is the gateway to the Upper Missouri River National Monument, and headquarters for several outfitters who furnish canoes and guided floats down the only part of the river which has been virtually unchanged since Lewis and Clark first saw it in 1805.

Fort Benton was "head of navigation" on the Missouri during steamboat days, and the equipment used in developing the gold and silver mines near Virginia City and Helena was brought by water to this inland port and then transported by ox-wagon trains to the mining districts. The historic Grand Union Hotel, built in the 1880's, has been completely restored and is now open for occupancy, just as it was in the steamboat days on the River.
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Devin Price
1855 Gentry Rd.
Seymour, MO 65746

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